Why Super 8

One of the best ways to capture this moment in your story is through video: a vintage film that captures the motion, the wonder, and the excitement. Rather than using traditional digital cameras, I use movie film cameras. They capture light in a playful and nostalgic way, authentically and uniquely sharing your story and preserving your precious moments.

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From your groom's reaction as you walk down the aisle to your grandparents' hands held, Super 8 captures every special moment in such a unique way, full of character and heart.

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Each camera can leave a different touch on the video. Super 8 leaves a vintage, in-the-moment feel that you can relive. I have been a wedding photographer for years now and once I discovered Super 8, I fell in love. There is nothing like the beauty of a classic film capturing the love and the light in a memory that will last forever.


"I couldn’t get Jamie’s Super 8 films out of my mind and knew that I wanted her to be our videographer for the big day. There’s nothing like the nostalgic feeling a super 8 film brings you." 

- Pari M.

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