Why Super 8

One of the best ways to capture this moment in your story is through video: a vintage film that captures the motion, the wonder, and the excitement. Rather than using the usual digital cameras you may see with big microphones and flashy editing, I use movie film cameras. My favorite camera was made in the 1980s and has been refurbished and given a new life so that it could begin telling stories again. It captures light and color in a nostalgic way, with a slight tremor in the film here and there, drawing you back in with the excitement of finding your grandparents' reels in their attic and watching them for hours.

Non-traditional wedding videos

In an age of flashy production and the pressure to have an elaborate video of every important moment, Super 8 brings a peace and a breath of fresh air. These films are simple, capturing each emotion and moment of the day as they unfold. We aren't movie stars, and it feels special to have a film that feels so pure and tangible. 

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Each wedding video is captured on rolls of 8mm film that I send to my lab after the wedding. I use different types that work well in different lighting, so you can trust that every scene will be captured well. Once my lab returns the developed and scanned film to me, I edit it down into your finished wedding video along with a full copy of the entire rolls most of the time. A token to share with friends and family, and the full coverage to watch each piece with each other over the years. 


"I couldn’t get Jamie’s Super 8 films out of my mind and knew that I wanted her to be our videographer for the big day. There’s nothing like the nostalgic feeling a super 8 film brings you." 

- Pari M.

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